Wind in her mane

You might wonder why I titled my blog “Wind in her mane” – and even if you didn’t – I am going to tell you.

Many years ago, when I lived in the Dallas Texas area, I became friends with a lovely group of women who channeled.  I attended many of the sessions and determined that in some previous lifetime I was a horse on the plains, named “Wind in her mane”.

I love the wind and so I was happy to have such a moniker. One of the other ladies there, it turns out, was also a horse with me, her name was “Fire beneath her hooves”.

Or inasmuch as horses think of themselves or others by any labels…we were both well pleased at the concept.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a story about the two horses – and I am sharing it here for your reading pleasure.

Why there is Sadness & Grief in the world:

Wind-in-her-mane and Fire-beneath-her-hooves were sisters.
Or perhaps, more accurately they were half-sisters.
Their mother was Sky-of-all-colors.
Wind-in-her-mane, who was the oldest sister, was fathered by Bright-star-in-summer-night.
And Fire-beneath-her-hooves was fathered by Winter-sun-in-morning.
The two sisters were as night and day, and yet they were the best of friends.
And they loved to run.
They ran across the plains.
They ran through hidden valleys.
They ran on mountain tops.
The other peoples of the world knew them, and waved to them as they ran.
Sometimes they would run from day to night and day again.
Sometimes, Wind-in-her-mane and Fire-beneath-her-hooves would stop to see or speak with their friends.
One night when they stopped to see the dancing lights of the north, they heard a strange sound.
In all their travels, they had not heard this sound before.
They were not sure what it could be.
Quietly, they looked for the source of the sound.
They followed the sound to a woman, who sat with hands over her face.
Wind-in-her-mane felt a ripple of something pass through her hair.
Fire-beneath-her-hooves felt a ripple of something under her feet.
The woman lowered her hands, and the sisters could see water falling from her eyes.
As they moved closer still, they saw the woman was bound by a silver chain, to the ground.
“Tell us your tale” said Wind-in-her-mane to the woman.
“Why are you chained here?” asked Fire-beneath-her-feet.
“My name is ‘Sees-too-far’, I asked my people to bring me here at the edge of the lands to save their spirits from what I can see and to keep them safe from the waters that fall from my eyes.”
“What are the waters falling from your eyes?” asked Wind-in-her-mane.
“My right eye leaks sadness into the world, and my left eye leaks grief.  I would spare my people from these things.”
“Why?” asked Wind-in-her-mane.
“Because if they do not have these things, sadness and grief, they will remain happy.” Answered Sees-too-far.
Wind-in-her-mane felt another ripple pass through her hair, and a question came unbidden to her lips.
“You have seen that this is so?”
Sees-too-far wrinkled her forehead and squinted her eyes.  For a moment she was still, and then her mouth made a large and silent “Oh”.
“What do you see?” asked Fire-beneath-her-hooves.
“Please” said Sees-too-far, “Please, help me to remove the chain.  I see that without my gifts, there can be no wisdom for my people.  They will not remember their ancestors, or the lessons of the land and other peoples.   I must go back to them.”
Fire-beneath-her-hooves struck the silver chain and it broke.
Wind-in-her-mane bowed to Sees-too-far to allow her to ride.
They took turns carrying Sees-too-far.
They ran from day to night to day again.
They brought her back to her people.
And that is why there must be sadness and grief in the world.  To help the peoples to remember their ancestors and the lessons of the land and other peoples.


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