Catching up

On November 2 at 11 am, my dog and I were at the local dog park. Two people who were talking to me stepped in toward me and my dog, thinking he was protecting me moved to get between one of them and my back. This action sent me sprawling down an embankment (the park is also a sump) and snapped my ankle so loudly that both people heard the crack.

Logan managed to help me get to the car (he is a big dog – 130 lbs) and I drove home.

Thinking I had sprained it, I iced it and elevated it – but the swelling just kept on going and it was throbbing badly. I called my husband – who ironically works at a hospital as an imaging engineer – but had to leave a message because many of the equipment rooms are in dead cell phone reception areas.

By this time I realized that I had better get to Urgent Care. So I drove myself to the nearest Urgent Care and by that time Hubby had gotten my message and texted he was on his way and I had to let him know I was already en route. (Yes I pulled over to read and answer the text).

At the Urgent Care I filled out a ton of paperwork, Hubby arrived and by this time when I went to stand up I nearly fainted – so they got a wheel chair, I was xrayed and sure enough – my ankle was broken. Badly.

They splinted it, and referred me to an ortho surgeon because they were pretty sure this would require screws and a plate to fix.

The soonest I could get in to the ortho surgeon was Friday 11/4 – so in I went, they took more xrays, talked about surgery, and put me in a hard cast.

11/7/2016 Followup visit, and surprise, this surgeon could not (and would not) do surgery in a hospital in our PPO plan. So back to square one, so to speak, calling the PPO to find an Ortho specialist.

11/10 we went to a new Doctor, in plan, and had another set of xrays done, hard cast removed, splint applied. And an MRI ordered for 11/11. Surgery still being discussed.

All during this time, all the waiting – I was doing Reiki on myself – and especially sending lots of healing energy to my ankle and tendons.

11/14 – followup with the doctor – looking at the results of the MRI and guess what? No surgery needed. Splint removed, and wrapping done instead, and a removable hard boot was prescribed – along with limited standing and walking to help the healing.

So while I still have a few weeks of the boot, and then probably some physical therapy after that – no surgery. Which I am greatly pleased at, because I have never had to have surgery before (though I have broken things before)…and I was not looking forward to the months of recovery needed for that.

I continue to do Reiki and will continue to do so, as I feel it was integral in healing and also in managing the pain (as I stopped taking the pain pills after the third day).  I also think that my daily meditation helps to manage the health of my body.

I just thought I would share this, as I haven’t written anything for a little while and this is why.

Be well.



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