I try

I’m sure Star Wars enthusiasts would admonish me for “trying” but I get a lot of “doing” done, too.

What am I talking about? Practicing kindness and performing random acts of kindness.

Sometimes I just get too wrapped up in the dramas in front of me to remember, and that is why I say, I try.

If you are trying, too – here’s some inspiration:


I like to think of myself as a guerrilla warrior for kindness (as I prefer the anonymous random acts – where I pay for the person behind me in the drive-through; or leave a sack lunch beside a sleeping homeless person). But alas, not all acts of kindness can go “ninja-style”.

In those cases, I hope I am modeling a behavior for others to copy (especially kids).  A bit like “Johnny Appleseed” I try to plant seeds of kindness wherever I can.

Do you have a favorite mode for demonstrating kindness? Or some ideas to share?

Hope to hear from you…


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