I stumbled upon this article and thought it worthy of sharing with you all.

I have been coaching and mentoring a friend who is at the beginning of building her business as a Virtual Assistant – and not only is plagued with a large dollop of self-doubt, but those closest to her are skeptical of her ability to be successful as well.

I’ve been trying to counter those doubts with the facts that she is: capable, intelligent, and learns fast – but as always, convincing the head is easier than convincing the heart.

Still I know from experience, that if she sticks with it, she’ll land her first client, and then a second and soon, it will seem like she’s always been doing this work.

The journey is the hardest part – so to all of you out there, it is not inventiveness, nor brilliance of intellect – that will be the key to your success (although those talents are great to have) – it is persistence…to keep putting one foot in front of the other moving toward the goal. I’ll keep cheering her on…

Go get ’em!

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