A week

I’ve been a second level Reiki practitioner for a week and it has been a busy week.  I have been working on my business plan, because I know what I want to do with my new skills.

I have a dual focus – I want to provide remote treatments for people or animals who want Reiki but have no nearby access; and I want to provide treatments for those (people or animals) in hospice care. Yin and Yang, I suppose. But I am drawn to both, and there are no rules that say you cannot focus on both.

And I have been working on my websites and Facebook pages for these.  My remote practice is aptly named www.Far-Reiki.com and my hospice practice is named www.UkiyoReiki.com .

I like the Japanese term Ukiyo – because it speaks to the momentary passions and desires of life as well as life’s transient quality.

I hope to begin practice this summer, as I am retiring my Pet Services business and transitioning the clients to two of my employees – who are themselves, embarking on the adventure of having a business.


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