May Flurries

It has been a crazy busy May – with transitioning my Pet Services clients to their primary caregivers, who are embarking on their own businesses now; getting paperwork in order to retire the business; assisting a couple of other friends with their projects – one book (prepping, interviews, press pack etc) and one “we aren’t quite sure yet search for what to do that is productive”; oh and I nearly forgot – one friend who is (hopefully) finishing up his full length animated Star Trek movie.  And trying to get the Foundation under control and ready to pass on to whomever…in the next couple of years.

I also still have sits this month; and need to get cracking on establishing my new businesses/activities and doing researching for what’s in store for the coming decade.  Add to that – my 60th coming in June; and the anniversary of my Dad’s death right afterward.

Overall, life is good, I am busy and I have a to do list longer than my arm; plus a wish list that is longer than that by far. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying life, whoever and wherever you are. More later….

Yummy yarn + a free gift


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