Looking back

For years and years I have supported my friends and acquaintances,

buying band candy,

purchasing what I could afford to when they started their latest MLM home business,

reading what they have written.

Don’t get me wrong,

I wouldn’t take it back,

I just wonder where they were

when I was hoping for support.

It always reminds me

of the story my friend told me when I was working in

Corporate America…I kept wondering why the resident “Barbie”

had everyone tripping over themselves to help her,

while my pleas for help went unheard.

She said if X fell into a vat of shit, everyone would rush to help her because

she couldn’t help herself,

if you fell in, everyone would say “Oh it’s her, she can handle it”.

I didn’t like that lesson then,

though I swallowed it – it was a bitter pill.

If you seem confident and competent, no one helps you.

I wasn’t prepared to be a fake twit,

so I just soldiered on.

And I guess it is okay in the long run…

still, once in awhile it would be nice

to have people trip over themselves to take care of me and my stuff.

And I admit,

if this is the biggest regret of my life, it isn’t much of a thing at all.

It doesn’t mean I can’t have a mini-pity party

every once in while before taking another deep breath

and soldiering onward again.





One thought on “Looking back

  1. It is sad that those who appear strong, can take the helm, are neglected and left behind, because “she can handle it” or “she always makes it.” Then, suddenly they realize you have needs and wants and are at a loss as to how it happened that you had to back off. It seems people use others up then wonder what happened. So very sad.

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