Life happens in messy spurts

We merrily ride through life and then we hit a patch of potholes.

That’s where I am at the moment –  nothing truly terrible, simply lots of inconvenience, to wit:

  1. Hubby was sick for two weeks with a head cold, still recovering.
  2. I’ve had vertigo, and finally decided it was time to get a new primary care physician  (since we have moved to a new area) so spent hours navigating the insurance mazes – and promptly broke a tooth.
  3. Had to find a Dentist – again with the navigating of the insurance mazes.
  4. Went to Dentist – they couldn’t fix tooth right away, got xrays and follow-up appointment after being cast for a new tooth implant.
  5. Got a sinus infection from the Dentist office (I think).
  6. Went to new Doctor for vertigo AND sinus infection.
  7. Had to reschedule Dentist because of sinus infection.
  8. Facebook glitch locks me out of my account.
  9. Can’t report it because you must be logged in to report problems.
  10. Remember that I use Facebook login credentials to log in to other applications. Including PublishDrive, where I just published two books.
  11. Cannot find a way to get into PublishDrive.
  12. Send emails (after a ton of research to find email addresses for support).
  13. Nothing…crickets….jeopardy theme music.
  14. At least receive auto-replies from PublishDrive that they will read and respond at some point.
  15. Tweet, and write articles and blog posts:
  16. Hear back from other Facebook users that they have SAME problem
  17. Receive Tweet from other Facebook Users that this problem has been around since March.
  18. Oh, and we need a new roof before the solar panels can go up (why they didn’t notice this two months ago when they gave us the quote, I don’t know).

So bottomline, the only thing I can control in all of this, is to rest and take my meds – and then remove Facebook links from blogs etc if they haven’t fixed this problem by tomorrow (6/7) and move on.

It also means I have to reach out to every application that I use Facebook credentials for and get that handled or maybe I leave them be…except for where there is money sitting.

I am taking a big breath now, and will assume that the Universe is trying to get me to focus more on writing… Be well out there!


2 thoughts on “Life happens in messy spurts

  1. I like knowing what’s going on with you. I don’t “like” all the crap you’ve had to deal with. You are up for the Iron-Willed Woman Award! Take care. Take care. xoA

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