Just another Thursday

We walk, in the cool morning – early to avoid the restless

who are escaping their homes and boredom.

We walk, and say hello to dogs left in their back yards who

have become friends and bark joyfully at us (my dog and I)

as we pass and stop to chat in dog language

about the smells and sounds we all share.

We walk, and this particular morning I am caught

off guard, at the house where the single bay garage door

is always left 6 inches for their cat to come and go,

because I see a little masked face looking out from that door.

Comfortably laying under the car parked inside, watching us

with lazy curiosity. I wonder if the cat has already come and gone?

Is the raccoon waiting for the cat or for the people to feed the cat?

And I shake my head as my dog, who has caught some scent that interests

him, ignores the raccoon and leads me onward into our Thursday.


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