Notes that float

One of our neighbors
has a couple of cockatiels and 
a parrot. 
They chirp, and whistle, and make
the fun noises of car alarms -
they are very talented that way.

We play a little game, because they
seem to know when I am in the yard, 
and they always whistle. 

Not the standard wolf whistle, though
they know how to do that, and I have heard it

They will float a note and wait for me to 
answer with it.
Sometimes the note reminds me of a song or
a tv show theme, and I will
whistle the first few notes of that.

And the birds will sing it back to me.

I think they must be lonely, though they have large and 
comfy looking cages, shaded and safely tucked
in the corner of their patio that is 
covered by the roof.

But the notes that float seem happier when
I answer with my own.

Photo by Lukas on

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