Isn’t it funny

Isn't it funny how memory fades,
how differently we might
remember the same event 
from one year to the next.

Isn't it funny how people
come and go, some in orbit tightly
around your life and others who
might cycle every decade or so
with the same brilliance
and comfort as if they had always 
been there.

Isn't it funny how time
passes quickly and slowly all
at once, 
while yesterday we were 
learning to drive, going to 
our first job, having our
first milestone, and now
we blink and the children 
we raised have children of their own.
We blink again, and those babies are
in school. 

And as the days, months, and years
zoom past, we start to struggle
to keep our eyes wide open,
so we don't blink... and miss
some treasured moment.
Isn't it funny.
Photo by Jordan Benton on

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