There are still places to explore,
things to discover,
every day can be an adventure.

So many bemoan the lack of new horizons,
and ignore the many
universes still at our fingertips.

As a child, I had a moment when 
I grieved that there were no
new continents,
no mysteries; 
it seemed
that someone else
had discovered it all. 

And then I looked up.
The stars beckoned.
And I looked down.
The oceans still held mysteries.
And further down,
the earth had not yet unlocked
all of its secrets.

Even now, in six decades and more
or life, I find there
are more and more things to explore.

Computers, and apps, 
flora and fauna, 
space - both outer and inner;
all waiting to provide an adventure.

The thrill of discovery still brings
a joy and a feeling of accomplishment
with each new (to me, perhaps) exploration.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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