The Lesson

One thing I have learned from nature
and probably also the bombardment
of morals in books and movies
is that
nature prevails. 

Looking at the documentary of 
wildlife in and around the
Chernobyl site
years after the famed 
reminds me that all of 
humanity is a small
blip on the grand timeline.

You'd think that being
knowing our place in
time and space
might be depressing.

It isn't
it brings me hope for
the world at large
for the universe 
and our place in it.

It makes me wonder 
what we will evolve into
if we will learn anything
from the experiences of
our lifetimes 
taking things apart 
and putting them
together in 
different forms 
and orders.

At the end of it all
I am hopeful
because I see
that after all of our
posturing and prancing
all of our
sound and fury
the planet
will prevail.

Photo by Adam Krypel on

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