Two steps forward, one step back

"Getting back to normal" seems to be the watchword
in these days of disruption.
Not only illness, but beliefs, opinions, even history
have opened the way for chaos.

And people, being out of their comfort zone,
want "normal" back,
even if normal wasn't all that it was supposed 
to be.

Normal has become 
the popular illusion.
Normal is when all was
status quo, people knew what to expect
and what was expected.
Normal was a moment of
clarity for folks who 
never wanted to ask
who they were, or who
anyone else was.
Normal was a comfort zone 
of non-thinking, only following
the outline of someone else's
vision to a predictable end.

For some of us, there was no
such thing as "normal".

For some of us, chaos and questioning
has always been in place.

For some of us, there was no routine or 
outline to follow...we broke ground and 
made our own path.

We got in the faces of those
in the rut, to tell them that the road 
would lead them over a cliff. And some,
not many, were lifted out of the rut.

And in turn, they try to lift others.

But the temptation is always there.
To follow the rut, to go over the cliff
in the familiar foot steps of those in front.

And some of us will continue to dance off 
the beaten path, and try not to create
more ruts.

Photo by Kha Ruxury on

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