Fall is here…

We are still due for some triple digit temperatures, and our neighbors continue to waste water with their lovely green lawns (our is a lovely shade of tan with some of the ground cover greening up after last week’s rain).

This summer hasn’t been a big writing season for me. To be honest I have been mostly enjoying crafting with recycled and upcycled fibers (yarns, fabrics, ropes) and will probably turn that experience into an ebook at some point…because making stuff is always fun, and sharing how is fun, too.

In our household we ended the summer with Covid, which was not fun – but could have been much worse if we were not fully vaxxed and boosted. It was like having a regular flu, just longer and more mucus (I know, gross, right?). Still I am thankful it was not the horror show that I have seen others going through and as my hubby says, “we’re still above the dirt”.

Along with not writing, but doing a ton of crafts, I am also starting seedlings to help revitalize my raised bed and container garden over the winter. We have mild enough winters that I might even get to harvest from this plan – since I am planting fava beans (also known as Windsor Beans or Broadbeans). They will keep the ground from compacting and add more nitrogen to the soil. Plus if they produce more beans, then we will have a nice supply of fava beans for soups and stews in the future. If not, the garden and critters in our neighborhood will still benefit.

As the season brings cooler temps, maybe I will feel like writing more. Hope so, but if not – there is always November and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

Hope you are all doing well, and enjoying life.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com


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