I am an artist, a writer, an upcycler, a tech whisperer, a Reiki practitioner, an animal advocate, a caregiver, a reader, a crafter, an inventor, a dreamer, a realist, a wife, a sister, a foster mother, a step-mother, a friend, a poet, a mess-maker, a cook, a human being.

I’m probably more than that and sometimes less than that.  I infuriate some people, inspire others.  And am invisible to the great masses.

I trust easily, but once it is broken I have trouble piecing it back again – actually, I’ve never been able to piece it back again. But I will remain friendly and cordial – I just am far more careful.

I am generous until I feel I am being used and then my fountains dry up.

I am judgmental, and I try to get past my judgments in order to be fair. Yet even though I may judge, if someone asks for help, I try to help.

I worry that the things I hate most in others may be a reflection of myself, and so I spend a great deal of time analyzing why I react or feel the ways I do – what might be the trigger, or what have I displaced or projected.

I am filled with foibles, and yet – here I am, still alive and still striving to be more, do more, experience more.



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