The Reality of Truth


Tree wishes

I love trees. This one I found online and wanted to share it - because it is not only wintry but promises that the summer will follow and all will continue in a cycle that we can flow with and enjoy. It also makes me think of energy flowing, and that we are all beings …

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Happy Winter Holidays

Whether you celebrate Solstice or Dong Zhi, Hanukkah or Christmas, Kwanzaa or nothing at all or some holiday I know nothing of - I hope you are safe, warm, well-fed, and surrounded by those you love and who love you back. And may you have a healthy and prosperous New Year.



I painted this right after 9/11 and the Twin Towers - it was inspired by the horror of that and I was reminded of the myth of Persephone, daughter of Ceres. Persephone wound up marrying Hades and because she had eaten 6 pomegranate seeds while visiting him in the underworld, she had to stay 6 …

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Migraine Art

I painted this for a friend who suffers from cluster migraines (I have had migraines since puberty and they have tapered off somewhat after menopause - but once in awhile I still get a full blown one). My friend is officially disabled because of his - which is tragic on many levels as he is …

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Wind in her mane

You might wonder why I titled my blog "Wind in her mane" - and even if you didn't - I am going to tell you. Many years ago, when I lived in the Dallas Texas area, I became friends with a lovely group of women who channeled.  I attended many of the sessions and determined …

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