Throw caution to the wind

The month of January is half over, already.  If you made resolutions, how are those working out for you? If you set goals, where are you on that journey? There is so much going on in the world that you have no control over, now is the time to focus on what you HAVE CONTROL …

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When you misplace things in your memory palace

I took a number of Dale Carnegie courses, designed to help me remember the names of people I met casually, so that I could network effectively. The net result is that I am not great at remembering people's names - however...if they tell me their birthdate, or their pet's name(s) I am more likely to …

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The Handwritten Note

Simple things make big impacts…

the zen of living smaller

What is it about the handwritten note, that can make such a difference in the course of a life?

Is it the colorful decoration? Or the preprinted sentiment?

Of course that took some thought, and can bring a smile…

But that is not all,

it is the time and (though small) effort that it took to pick up a pen and write a sentence or two directly from one mind, heart, soul through the ink flowing

to the recipient’s mind, heart and soul.

It shows an effort made with care and thought.

It demonstrates the value that one person has for another.

And, it is a physical reaching out that touches one hand to another,

in a way that can touch that person again and again with every re-reading.

It is a way to be present when miles separate you both.

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Being there

I wrote this on my Zen of living smaller blog and decided to share it here, too.

the zen of living smaller

As I get older and see my circle of friends aging, too – I see a greater need for people to be there for each other.

I mean this in the most practical way!  I have many friends who are single, with no family nearby or no family at all, and even the youngest of them may sometimes get ill or need help with something. Our society pooh-poohs anyone who is not self-sufficient, since we are all supposed to be strong and rugged individualists.

The bottom line is that many people who NEED help (even with something small, like getting boxes out of the attic) rarely ASK for help, and sometimes blow their budget paying for help when a friend could have done it for them.

So I am asking you all to consider BEING THERE for your extended family of friends. And if you have no one that you…

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