Unringing the bell

It should come as no surprise that the broken cup does not remake itself, that the bell once rung, will not unring itself. And yet, moments in time come unraveled in our memories, blur and change the past, no din of he said, she said… but a simple remaking of that time and place. We …

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You don't expect the sky to give way to a moment where you are suddenly out of yourself, plucked from to do lists and worrying about tomorrow, a moment where you are absorbed into the cosmos heart open, mind quiet, being a part of the fabric of an infinite universe so beautiful and so sublime …

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Why Can’t It Be Like That Now? Remembering What We Had and Could Have Again

I read a lot of blogs. This is one of the few that I subscribe to, and it is mostly because of the depth and quality of their posts. Hope you enjoy this interlude… I feel some poetry bubbling around in my head for later in the week…Hope your Monday is full of good things and your introspective and retrospective musings reap bright ideas.

Working-Class Perspectives

‘But why can’t work be like that now?’ my colleague Julia asked when I told her about my research into the former Guinness brewery at Park Road in West London. After working on the project for the best part of a decade and a half, it’s sometimes difficult to sum up quickly. Over that time, I’ve looked at thousands of photographs, scores of staff magazines, and hundreds of documents, and I’ve talked to dozens of workers. But Julia’s question cut straight to the heart of the book.  She got the point straight away, unlike some of my academic colleagues, who have been skeptical about the appreciation the brewery workers I spoke with expressed toward Guinness.  Perhaps this is because they have not had blue-collar jobs.  But I have, and when I worked on the London Underground, I appreciated the conditions that unions and previous generations had won for me…

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