As sleep dissolves

I hear myself asking the meowing cat for "five more minutes" as I try to hold onto the thread of a dream that I am watching like a movie to get to the end and see what finally happens... a furry weight stands on my chest and reminds me that the five minutes are up and …

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Where do your loyalties lie? In the present or in the future? That is what I was asked. And my answer, is always that our past flows into our future through the present. So my loyalties lie where I have some ability to influence, which is only ever NOW.


In the gold and pink of the start of dawn, the few wisps of clouds glowed green this morning. We heard the swoosh swoosh of a raven flying low above our heads, wings reflecting prisms at our barely shielded eyes. Still we stared at greenish clouds captured in an odd arc of rainbow through the …

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