Unringing the bell

It should come as no surprise that the broken cup does not remake itself, that the bell once rung, will not unring itself. And yet, moments in time come unraveled in our memories, blur and change the past, no din of he said, she said… but a simple remaking of that time and place. We …

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You don't expect the sky to give way to a moment where you are suddenly out of yourself, plucked from to do lists and worrying about tomorrow, a moment where you are absorbed into the cosmos heart open, mind quiet, being a part of the fabric of an infinite universe so beautiful and so sublime …

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I walk, zombie-like pre-coffee, to the bathroom, where I step around a small white dog, who isn't here but is. My own furries stare at the space where Sara, who is hundreds of miles away, stands briefly before fading. I splash cold water at my sleep filled eyes, and listen, but my furbabies have gone …

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