12 Things I See Happy People Do (that unhappy people do not)

I could ramble on but nothing I could say will say it better than this man has written it – enjoy:

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

I have been thinking a lot about happiness of late, partially because so many people seem unhappy.  I think that was my first epiphany upon entering the world of Social Media; people are unhappy and there are a lot of them.  Now don’t get me wrong, we all know some people who wouldn’t be happy, were they not unhappy but I am not talking about them.  We will just let them be.  I am also not thinking theologically here (i.e. juxtaposing happiness and joy), today I am going to err on the practical and pragmatic side of things.  With that being said, let’s get going.

I think most people want to be happy; they are just not quite sure how to get there from their present location.  Many people honestly believe that happiness is a lucky bounce; a sunny disposition or favorable circumstances but I disagree.  Happiness is a choice…

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Being able to stop and meditate can mean the difference between being stressed to the max and being relaxed and present. And contrary to popular belief, it is possible to meditate in a noisy crowded place as well as the stereotypical beautiful and tranquil spaces we always associate with the practice. https://www.mindful.org/how-to-meditate-with-noise-a-3-minute-practice-for-anywhere

Why Do Reiki Practitioners Get Sick?

Love this, and it serves as a reminder. I am working on setting up my practices. Yes, I have chosen to try to do two separate but focused types of Reiki practices – one for those who are far away and do not have access to Reiki near them (www.far-reiki.com); and one for those who are dying (www.ukiyoreiki.com). I am looking forward to practicing, and will be “open for business” in June. 🙂

Hillside Holistic Health-Notes

Dealing with a recent health issue for myself, brought to mind this question I have heard sick persona few times from skeptics: If Reiki works, why do Reiki practitioners ever get sick? I guess, at first glance, it seems like a reasonable question.  But I’d like to meet it with a few of my own:

  • Why do people committed to aerobic exercise, ever have heart attacks?
  • Why do psychiatrists ever have any form of mental or emotional imbalance?
  • Why do the cars of good mechanics, sometimes break down?
  • Why do people who brush their teeth, occasionally get cavities?
  • Why do black belts sometimes get beaten up?
  • Why is it that, even when you make all the right choices and do all the right things, you may still fail to achieve your goals?

In other words, why would you think that any particular skill or practice is 100% protection?

The obvious answer…

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It is all temporary!

I love this blog post by Elizabeth Selbach – when things look bleak and you are overwhelmed…it IS only temporary…

Selbach Office Solutions

Last Friday was a really bad day for me.  Not in the ‘I just don’t want to work’ kind of way, but the go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and cry kind of feel bad. I didn’t want to work, which just made me feel guilty on top of crappy.  It was just an ugly day all around.  The next day, I woke up and was on fire.  I started working at 6:30 am and just kept going until almost noon.  I revamped my website, wrote this blog post, plus other various things that needed to be updated or changed.  My point in all of this is that the bad days, no matter how bad they are, are temporary.  I was told once a long time ago by a trusted friend that everything in this world is temporary.  The thing is that when we are feeling…

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